Rock and Grunge are dead? The main actors are retired or have already passed away? And there is no new blood to fill up the blank? No way!!!! As long as there are musicians like the 5 middle agers (no kiddies:)) from the South German Band "Acoustical South", the wheels of Rock and Roll keep on movin' and movin'.

It's the endless passion for guitar music and the urge to write new songs and to celebrate them on stage, which unites these guys for more than 10 years now. The basis of their music lies in the 90's. So there is a lot of Grunge. But there are also influences from the 70's Rock, Punk, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Catchy hooklines and melodies, combined with technically skilled instrumentalists and a charismatic voice on top, characterize the sound of this band. Through the years they've worked hard, and now they enjoy the reputation of being an excellent live band.

Who knows? If their songs would have been written by some handsome US-boys, maybe they would already be rock stars; the great reviews of the 2010 Album "Escape To Victory" and the 2012 published live-unplugged-Album "The Delta Acoustic Session" may be the proof. No wonder that they've already got the chance to play as support for "Deep Purple", "Uriah Heep", "Gary Moore", "Whitesnake", etc..
Late summer 2015 their fifth studio album "Playlist" will be released via GUNN Records/Bellaphone. Let's see where the journey of this rock band will lead them to.

Rock on!!!





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